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SUP: Stand Up Paddleboarding

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I'm currently in Croatia running the SUP & Sail Adventures, back 25th June. In the meantime, group classes are going ahead as scheduled and you can get in touch to book a session with another Moxie instructor or book ahead for when I'm back.  

- Sasha x

Paddleboarding has seen an absolute boom over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. In just a 2hr SUP Intro session complete novices can be standing up and paddling, and then once you’re up, you’re hooked and you’re off. 


SUP is easily accessible and suitable for people of all ages and abilities, we’ve taught from 7yrs through to people well into their 80s. It’s also a great all-inclusive activity for the whole family to learn and progress together, even your dog can join in!

With SUP your options are endless, you can adapt depending on your mood and weather conditions. From a mindful, tranquil paddle taking you closer to nature as you explore inland waterways through to the adrenalin rush as you SUP Surf to the sheer stamina and fitness required for a sprint race or a long distance endurance event. You can even take your regular Yoga/Pilates and Fitness classes onto a SUP to really challenge your core and ‘up’ the intensity of your workout.

If you’re keen to get fit to better enjoy SUP then get in touch for a SUP specific personal fitness training programme to get you SUP ready for general leisure and pleasure through to date/season specific races and challenges.We regularly attend SUP events and welcome new SUPers to #TeamMoxie to join us as we take on these challenges!

Regular sessions run at Sheffield Park & Garden and as we’re mobile, we can arrange lessons and tours at various locations. You can paddleboard with us off the beach and on rivers across Sussex & the South East.

Please note that tide times and weather will affect our session days/times outside of Sheffield Park. 

Our sessions run with a max of 6 students per instructor to enable us to give you the time and attention you need to get the most from your lesson. We are qualified, experienced, insured, DBS checked and highly confident that we’ll have you standing up and smiling on your board in your first intro session.

What We Offer


SUP Taster

In just one hour you will acquire the knowledge and learn the basic skills required to SUP.


Learn how to control your board and self rescue.


SUP Progress

Now you can SUP, these skills sessions look at improving your technique and efficiency. This could be paddling and race technique, buoy turns, drafting, step back turns, one side paddling, and so much more - depending on where you want to focus.


SUP Fitness

When the ‘ground’ beneath you is moving, your regular circuit training session switches up a gear.


This is a full body workout that will leave your core screaming … out for more!


SUP Intro

Suitable for all ages and abilities, in this 2hr session you will learn the fundamental skills, including paddle stroke, stance and technique to get you from prone, to kneeling, to stand up paddling - as well as understanding more about the weather, environment and safety to help you progress and keep you safe on future SUP sessions and/or hires.


SUP Yoga

Often using modified postures to traditional yoga we swap our mat for a SUP and take to the water to stretch and strengthen the body and soothe the mind. This is the ultimate in blissed out mindfulness.


Private one-to-one sessions

While our small group sessions allow plenty of time for you to receive one to one attention from your instructor, you may prefer to book a private session to focus on your specific needs, allowing you to progress at your own pace with more time for analysis and discussion.

Private group bookings for birthdays, hen parties and special occasions are available on

request at - read more here.

Wetsuit hire is available at £5 per suit per session.

"Sasha gives an excellent paddle boarding class. I had a 1-1 session as a beginner (I’m 65, so no spring chicken!) and found her to be both patient and encouraging.  By the end of the session I had built my confidence and my technique was much improved thanks to Sasha’s professional tutoring and care for my well being.  An excellent, fun session, which I can thoroughly recommend"

- Carrie

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