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Fill in your PAR-Q Waiver Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form before you join us for any activities

Kit Requirements
Do you need to hire a wetsuit? (£5 extra - please purchase via shop)
Do you need to hire a buoyancy aid? (Essential)
Do you have a roadworthy bike?
Do you have hi-vis or bright coloured clothing/rucksack?
Do you have a Cycling Helmet?
Can you cycle unassisted?
Medical/Physical Declaration

Have you had/do you have any of the following?

Any heart conditions?
Fits, fainting, blackouts?
Severe headaches?
Allergies (to medication, nuts, bites/stings...)?
Other illness/disabilities we should know about?
Other conditions we should know about?
Are you physically well and fit?
Have you been advised against participating in physically demanding activities by a medical professional?

This information is for the company's use only and will be dealt with in a sensitive, secure and professional manner. Should your medical/physical conditions be such that they may affect your performance or participation in an activity, it is your responsibility to make the relevant person aware i.e your instructor.

We reserve the right to refuse participation/use of equipment and facilities due to medical information disclosed if felt necessary. Further evidence/clarity may be requested/required i.e. a medical note or letter from your GP, for you to participate. This information may get passed onto emergency services in the event of an incident if necessary.

Thanks for submitting!

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